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Precision at its Finest

The Swiveling Bi-Directional Blade Vegetable Peeler: The durable stainless steel blade has dual cutting edges for easy cutting in either direction. The flexible stainless steel blade support allows the blade to move and effortlessly glide over your vegetables. Intricately designed to be a versatile tool, this peeler also incorporates a tip for removing sprouts or bruised areas.

  • Oversized Ergonomic Easy Grip Rubber Handle: Our easy-to-hold ergonomic rubber handle with stainless steel accents allows you to peel fruits and vegetables with effortless speed. Prep the meals and desserts you and your family love without the hassle of fatigue.
  • Flexible Curved Blade Support: The flexible stainless steel blade support allows the blade to move while it effortlessly glides over your vegetables and fruits. We have also incorporated an innovative tip designed for removing sprouts or bruised areas so you can complete a variety of kitchen tasks with this versatile tool.


Material: Tough thermoplastic elastomeric rubber
Steel: 18/0 stainless steel

The Forever Warranty

Everything is Warrantied Forever. Have the complete satisfaction in knowing that we put your needs and expectations first. Our promise is a superior experience for everyone who owns our award-winning DI ORO products. We’re here as a trusted partner, so you can enjoy your purchase with full confidence knowing that our warranty lasts forever.

Now you can cook with confidence in your kitchen knowing that DI ORO has you covered no matter what with the Forever Warranty.