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Descaling Solution (2-Pack)

DI ORO Premium Descaling Solution decalcifies, cleans, and protects your machine! Limescale is bad for your coffee machine. It clogs up your coffee machine’s tubes and inner workings just like bad cholesterol clogs up your arteries. Get the DI ORO Premium Descaling Solution today for better coffee.

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Included in the box.
  • 2 – 125ml (4.2 oz.) bottles. Our Premium Descaler/Decalcifier is formulated to protect and care for your Keurig Hot Coffee Maker and extend the life span of your machine and improves its performance and keeps your coffee tasting great.
Enjoy these features.
  • Safe for all brands of coffee or espresso machines. Works well with Keurig Hot 2.0 coffee makers and All other brands of coffee machines (pods, pads, manual, drip) and of Espresso makers (fully and semi-automatic) for a better brew.
  • Extends the lifespan of your coffee and espresso machines. Regular descaling eliminates mineral build up and scale that can clog and negatively impact the life and performance of your coffee or espresso machine, and effect the taste of your coffee. Our Premium Descaler/Decalcifier helps eliminate mineral build up, unpleasant odors, and bad coffee aftertaste.
  • Fast and easy to use. Our Premium Descaling Solution is easy to use and works fast. Our multi-packs offer great value in an easy to use size. Regular cleaning 2-3 months makes cleaning your machine simple and is recommended to keep it performing at its best.
  • Environmentally safe and friendly. Our Premium Descaler/Decalcifier bottles are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly so you can feel better about keeping our planet clean.
  • Volume. Each bottle contains 125ml (4.2 oz.) of descaling solution.